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Writing a musical is like climbing a mountain

Updated: Mar 8

Writing my first Musical "Hypnotta" (c) dougauld 2020, was an analogous to climbing Mt Everest for me.

Although I am not a climber, climbing a mountain is challenging, daunting, dangerous, painful and full of setbacks. Yet how very enriching, not only that you took it on , but should you make it to the summit and back is a great life accomplishment.

It is a personal quest that challenges one's beliefs in oneself .

We all take on different risks and have different callings. I decided some 10 years ago with no former knowledge, to write a musical for the stage, perhaps even Broadway? 

It was a vision, a calling and a mountain worth climbing for me.  When setting out, the first thing I read about it on a "how to ?" site was, DON'T DO IT!  lol .

I get why even theatre people exclaimed that.

And once finished, then what?

My Musical Hypnotta, (a word given me while waking from sleep) , brings the concept of the ethereal world, the afterlife ,our spiritual journey and UFOs to the stage, a venue and topic  usually reserved for movies .  

But with the recent government hearings and pilot and military whistleblowers testifying, It is no longer scoffed at with the smirks and derisive comments by the MSMedia.  All of a sudden, the taboo has been lifted.   This is not to say there are alien beings visiting us, but we are open to the question now without the tin foil hat references.

Can hypnotta introduce the topic of "disclosure" on stage while being informative and entertaining at the same time ?

I certainly believe it is time for this! 

Presently, I am having discussions with a potential producer, and I will continue to peruse all avenues.

I look for Hypnotta making it to a stage in the near future and will update my newsletter.

Any comments,  connections or suggestions, please contact me on the site page.



“If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.” — Paulo Coelho

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