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The Rhythm, All Vibrates As One

Updated: Sep 12

It is often said that Science, not belief, holds the answer to our reality .

However, Science is always evolving as new discoveries are made.

In the days of Newton and Newtonian physics, it was "believed" by scientists that the smallest particles were just that, particles of tiny matter. Small individual building blocks called molecules and atoms.

Then enter Quantum physics .This now agreed upon scientific theory (hard for even physicists to truly comprehend), maintains that there are no particles at all.

So called matter is actually made up of waves, vibrations and frequencies.

Reality as we perceive it is truly an illusion.

What new scientific realities will be discovered 100 years from today that will replace the present ones?

I am an Artist, a writer and a Musician, not a Scientist .

Most of what I so call "know" is by way of observation, continual self education, and thru my intuition, my"Inner Tutor".

Intuition is a way of knowing that we all have but often choose to dismiss.

In Hypnotta, my character Grant Cambell sings the Rhythm that express these ideas.

See Video below Image.

Doug Auld 3/8/21

2255 Hand Painting Butterflies . oil on canvas c dougauld

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