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c doug auld 2020

Hypnotta     Synopsis
registered with the wgae  c dougauld 2020

 "Hypnotta," is a unique theatrical musical set to nineteen original songs.

 It is inspired by several real and documented ufo events


The story follows the  journey of two teenage girls, main characters Nectar and Jilly,  as their lives are forever changed after witnessing of a  UFO event.


Beyond a ufo story, their encounter delves into themes of transcendence and self-discovery,

They must learn to  stand up for their convictions against adversity, skepticism and ridicule.

Their quest to uncover the truth becomes a testament to their bond of friendship, and the power of their belief

Nectar creates a radio program called, "Hidden Truths."  to spread the word  and interview other experiencers and build consensus.  

However, their pursuit attracts the attention of government agents Randolph and Bryant, who threaten to halt their progress in the claim of "protecting an unprepared public"

"Hypnotta" navigates the realms of reality as it touches upon science, religion, myths, and fears , all while being informative and entertaining  to a wide and varied audience with memorable music and songs. 


Other characters include  Father Douglas, a local priest and long time family friend.  

Sage White Hawk, A native American  who imparts wisdom about the "Hypnotta" – a connection between the spirit world and the threshold between waking and dream states.

Mac Jacobs, a private investigator who takes interest in the girls plight, and  Seth Stevens, a school friend who does regressions.


Jilly, grappling with self-doubt, struggles with alcohol abuse, intensifying the stakes of their mission. 

"Hypnotta" offers moments of drama, tragedy, and subtle humor, suitable for all ages and free of violence and profanity.


In a triumphant and inspirational finale, the audience is uplifted in a joyous crescendo .

"Hypnotta" will leave a resonant echo that lingers long after the shows curtain falls.

Doug Auld, Self Portrait

doug auld, "self portrait "oil on canvas. 


"Hypnotta is a word, not a word you ever heard

but when you hear it , you hear it…"

The Revelation of "Hypnotta"

The word Hypnotta came to me while waking one early morning . I had never heard this word before.  

Was this word, a creation of my mind, or a message from another realm I brought back with me ?  

In the days to follow I began to feel guided.

I  would create and write a show that would encapsulate my music style, along with my lifelong fascination with UFOS, the spirit world and the unknown.

"Hypnotta" the show's title alludes to the profound connection between reality and our dream state.

-Doug Auld, Playwright

                              Complete List of Songs Available Upon Request.                        all songs copyright library of congress
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