H   Y   P   N   O   T   T   A

the musical



Hypnotta is written as a theatrical musical told through dialogue and sixteen (16) original songs by playwright Doug Auld.


The story is about a young girl who sees a UFO when she is 12-years old but no one believes her. The damage to her credibility and reputation haunts her into early adulthood. What follows is her search for the truth about what she saw and her quest for vindication in the eyes of all who doubted and ridiculed her. 

Hypnotta dives deep into the paranormal and explores five real-life unexplainable events. The show touches upon science and religion and the role each plays in the search for the truth. Hypnotta takes the audience through a journey of introspection, discovery, and triumph that culminates in an enlightening and inspirational finale.


Think "Wizard of Oz" meets "It's a Wonderful Life".


HYPNOTTA, a word I had never heard before, was spoken through me while waking from sleep one early morning. I instinctively wrote it down as not to forget it. As I proceeded to write my songs and create my show, I felt the material was being channeled through me. I followed my intuition and named the show with this word given to me.     

-                                                                                                                                  Doug Auld, Playwright

"Hypnotta is a word, not a word you ever heard but when you hear it , you hear it…"


                                                                                                                                   -From the title song Hypnotta


      Hypnotta ~ song video




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