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H   Y   P   N   O   T   T   A

the musical



Hypnotta is written as a theatrical musical told through character dialogue and eighteen (18) original songs It is registered with the WGAE with full copyright.


It tells the story of two young people who witness a life changing UFO event.  

The experience is traumatic while also fascinating. However, It also also incurs a degree of ridicule from family, friends and peers, creating doubt in their character and credibility 

Hypnotta explores several real-life unexplainable events as told by actual UFO experiencers  .  

The show touches upon science, religion, myth and long held beliefs .


The audience is taken on an exciting and enlightening journey of discovery and triumph that culminates in an inspirational finale.


Hypnotta was given me while waking from sleep one early morning. I sat up and said the word Hypnotta. I had never heard the word before and I wondered, where did it come from?  Was it from me or spoken to me?

I instinctively wrote it down as not to forget it.  As I received inspiration to create my show, the material flowed effortlessly as If  being channeled through me . So I chose the word Hypnotta, to title my show

                                                                                                                                  Doug Auld, Playwright

"Hypnotta is a word, not a word you ever heard but when you hear it , you hear it…"


                                                                                                                                   -From the title song Hypnotta


      Hypnotta ~ song video




In 1945, the United States detonated the world's first nuclear bomb at white sands New Mexico, sending a powerful EMP ( electromagnetic pulse) out into space. Did this event serve notice throughout the universe that the kids found the matches? In 1948 the alleged UFO event at Roswell New Mexico happened and the world was awakened to this fascinating reality.

 Hypnotta tells a story of my main characters Nectar and Jilly who witness a UFO at 17 years old. Nectar ,now 22 ,creates her own Paranormal radio station to interview other experiencers and build consensus.  To compound matters of Nectars credibility, she already has a childhood reputation as a fibber and storyteller claiming to have seen a tiger in her backyard in their small town outside Detroit MI.  Father Douglas ,the parish priest and family friend continually attempts to advise Nectar and her family to his way of thinking.

Jilly, not as confident as Nectar , slowly deteriorates from alcohol abuse. Nectar's Native American grandmother Sage White Hawk  who helped raise her as a child moves out west and Nectar loses her support. Nectar always remembers what her "Grandma Sage" taught her about the “Hypnotta", the ability to communicate with the spirit world on the edge of the waking and dream state.

Government agents Randolph and Bryant arrive in an attempt to prevent this information from getting out to an unprepared public.

Under increasing duress, Nectar decides to travel out west to find her Grandma Sage White hawk for much needed support and spiritual guidance.

Other characters include Yves and Ellen Nectar's parents, Seth the regression therapist, Mac Jacobs a private investigator and Vaughn, Nectar's lost love.

18 original songs accompany the dialogue.

Hypnotta is appropriate for all ages and is free of violence and profanity.

It tells a story based on several real life events told by experiencers and witnesses own testimony                   It has moments of drama and tragedy sprinkled with subtle humor ,and is very inspirational.

doug auld 2023



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