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Hypnotta Synopsis
A Theatrical Musical of Discovery and Triumph

Step into the captivating world of "Hypnotta," a compelling theatrical musical that weaves a story of awe, growth, and resilience. Crafted with character-driven dialogue and a collection of eighteen (18) original songs, "Hypnotta" is a brimming with heart, adventure, and inspiration.


At its core, the musical follows the transformative journey of two teenage girls, Nectar and Jilly. Their lives are forever changed when they witness a life-altering UFO event that not only propels them into a world of the unknown but also catalyzes their personal growth, determination, and courage. The story is far more than a tale of extraterrestrial encounters. It delves into themes of transcendence, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit required to stand up for one's convictions against the tides of adversity and skepticism. As Nectar and Jilly find themselves subjected to ridicule from family and peers, their quest to uncover the truth becomes a testament to the power of belief and unity.

Amidst the trauma of the UFO experience, an awakening takes root within Nectar and Jilly. Driven by their conviction, they embark on a mission to substantiate the reality of the event by rallying support through their radio show, "Hidden Truths." However, their pursuit attracts the attention of government agents Randolph and Bryant, whose intention to "protect an unprepared public" threatens to halt their progress. "Hypnotta" skillfully navigates through the realms of reality and the unexplained, touching upon science, religion, myth, and deeply ingrained beliefs. As the story unfolds, the musical explores real-life unexplainable events recounted by actual UFO experiencers, inviting the audience to contemplate the mysteries of the cosmos.


The musical's tapestry is woven with a cast of diverse characters, each adding depth and dimension to the narrative. Father Douglas, a family friend and priest, voices concerns about the possible malevolent nature of the girls' experiences. Nectar's credibility is marred by her history of fanciful tales, making her journey to establish the truth an uphill battle. Jilly, grappling with self-doubt, falls prey to alcohol abuse, intensifying the stakes of their mission. Guiding Nectar is her Native American grandmother, Sage White Hawk, who imparts wisdom about the "Hypnotta" – a connection between the spirit world and the threshold between waking and dream states. As government agents tighten their grip, Nectar's resolve intensifies, leading her to embark on a journey to seek her grandmother's support and spiritual guidance.

Set against the backdrop of eighteen original songs that harmoniously intertwine with the dialogue, "Hypnotta" offers moments of drama, tragedy, and subtle humor. Suitable for all ages and free of violence and profanity, the musical encapsulates the essence of human struggle, growth, and the pursuit of truth.


In a triumphant and inspirational finale, the audience is immersed in a world of discovery, uniting with Nectar and Jilly as they overcome challenges and stand tall against the currents of skepticism. "Hypnotta" is a timeless story that not only entertains but also invites introspection, leaving a resonant echo that lingers long after the final curtain call.

Doug Auld, Self Portrait

"Hypnotta is a word, not a word you ever heard

but when you hear it , you hear it…"

The Revelation of "Hypnotta"

Upon waking one early morning , the enigmatic term "Hypnotta" was whispered to me.  Was this word, a creation of my mind or a message from the unseen? I managed to write it down, prior to returning to sleep. In the days to follow I began to feel inspired and guided. I would create and write a show that would encapsulate my music style, along with my lifelong fascination with UFOS, the spirit world and the unknown. The writing began to flow effortlessly!  And it was in this mystical current that I chose "Hypnotta" as the show's title, a reflection of the profound connection between dreams and reality that it encapsulates

-Doug Auld, Playwright


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